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QUICK FACTS about Luce County....

  • Newberry is the County Seat of Luce County
  • Luce County Michigan, in the Northeastern Upper Peninsula, contains about 903 square miles
  • Luce County has over 300,000 acres of public access land, 15,000 acres of inland lakes and 658 miles of rivers and streams
  • The shoreline along Lake Superior has a length of about 31 miles in Luce County
  • Largely undeveloped, forty percent of Luce County is owned by the State of Michigan as the Lake Superior State Forest 
  • Luce County consists of wilderness river country of which forty percent is classified as freshwater swampland. 
  • Population figures:  Luce County - 6,614 persons,         The Village of Newberry  - 1,547 persons (2008 estimate,
  • Average summer temperatures:  High - 76 degrees      Low - 53 degrees
  • Average winter temperatures:  High - 23 degrees      Low - 8 degrees
  • Average rainfall: 28 inches,  Average snowfall:  108 inches
  • The average growing season is about 110 days, extending from the average date of the last killing frost, June 2, to that of the first killing frost, September 20.
  • Major industries are tourism, logging and public service